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Zarcor Employees
Zarcor is fortunate to have 4 highly qualified employees. They can answer any question, and look forward to working with you on your next custom order.
Jim "Wild Wild" West
Jim West
Jim (WW) has worked at Zarcor for 15 years, and is involved with all of Zarcor's manufacturing processes. His product speciality is companionway doors. He is a master mechanic, and his hobby is building, driving, and managing race cars. Jim's creative endeavors have resulted in several US Patents related to the automotive industry.
Jim West racing
Terry Stoll
Terry Stoll
Terry, who is the newest member of our team, has the most sailing experience. His skills as a master cabinet maker, fit in perfectly with our customer's expectations. On most week-ends, you'll find Terry and his first mate Arlene on their Catalina 42, located on Lake Texoma. Terry is also very creative.
Terry Stoll sailing
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin
Jeff, our webmaster, has incredible computer skills. Jeff improved sales at Zarcor by developing the website you are viewing. He designed our databases, integrated the on-line shopping cart, and launched a marketing program via Constant Contact. Jeff, who is an accomplished IT Project Manager, Business Analyst, Technical Writer, and Webmaster, also maintains all of our office computers. For a competitive alternative to your existing services, feel free to contact Jeff at .
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