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  Boating Apps for Smartphones  
Android Boating Apps


Boat Ramps (free)
Boat Ramps from is an exciting new app that lets you quickly locate and get directions to more than 35,000 boat ramps throughout the U.S.

Dive Spots by Fibercode ($0.99)
Provides the fastest way to locate dive spots, obstructions, and wrecks. You can search by current location or any address. The database contains over 21 000 dive spots.

Google Earth by Google (free)
With Google Earth for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger. Explore the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world's population and a third of the world's land mass.

GPS Mapping Software for mobile devices by Memory-Map Mobile (free / $27.99)
Ideal for on-the-go navigation, these mobile apps are easy to use and support a range of features and map options.

How Far is That? By BooneDog Software ($0.99)
See the distance between multiple points anywhere in the world. Ever wonder how far away something is? Well wonder no more. This handy tool lets you see the distance between two or more points anywhere in the world. Measure from your current location (determined from GPS), or any place of your choosing.

Marine & Lakes: USA By Navionics ($9.99 to $14.99)
Ideal for boaters, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Any downloaded chart data stays resident on your iPhone and is visible even when outside of wireless coverage! You can plan your on-the-water adventures, check tides, set your routes and markers, and search for marinas. Tides & Currents, Route planning, waypoints & markers, Route Tracking, Wind Forecasts.

Marine Charts By EarthNC ($19.99)
EarthNC Marine Charts w/seamless charts, user waypoints, and realtime navigationEarthNC Marine Charts features seamless NOAA marine charts for US waters, user waypoints, and realtime navigation.

Marine Navigator Lite by Ronald Koenig (free)
Marine Navigator Lite is an offline navigator using raster navigational charts (RNC's) to plot your position in real time. This way you can navigate with true copies of official paper charts on your mobile device.

NutiCharts Lite (free)
NutiCharts Lite by Nutiteq turns an Android phone or tab into a NOAA raster chartplotter. It is a free app for online usage of charts and ActiveCaptain. Small micropayments can be made to download the charts and ActiveCaptain data for offline use.

Ship Finder by pinkfroot limited ($3.99)
Ship Finder provides near real time virtual radar AIS maps. It’s easy to use and is an amazing app for anyone interested in shipping, cruising and sailing in ports and locations across the world. It’s also great if you simply want to know what boats are out there or want to see where your friends and family are.

Waypoint Pro by The Droid Dev (free)
Waypoint is a waypoint manager that allows you to save and manage waypoints. Waypoints can be plotted on a map to access information about the waypoint or viewed in Google Maps to access directions, streetviews, or topographical map data if available.

Weather top

Boating Weather By Blue Whale ($1.99)
One touch marine forecast for your Android device. Need to know what the marine forecast is before you go boating or during your boating trip? The Boating Weather App for Android is the answer. This intuitive App will show you the wind speed, surf, and wave height for your local area. Marine weather data provided by the National Weather Service.

Hurricane Software by (free)
Hurricane Tracking application to give you the most up to-date and reliable hurricane coordinates data and high resolution maps. Satellite Images, Warning Information, Storm Tracks and More.

MarineCast by InfoBridge, LLC. ($5.99)
MarineCast provides weather data from the SailFlow website in a mobile, easy to consume format. Perfect for all sailors, mariners, boaters, and weather buffs!

Marine Weather by Bluefin(free)
Great for boating, fishing, and sailing! Don't leave shore with out it! Marine Weather is a free, ad-supported app providing users access to marine forecasts, live buoy data, tides, radar, & sea surface temperatures. Marine Forecasts, Live Buoy Data, Tide Tables.

NOAA Ocean Buoys and Tides PRO by Asbury Mobile, LLC ($1.99)
The NOAA Ocean Buoys and Tides PRO application provides users with access to live data transmitted from hundreds buoys scattered throughout North America, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. Most buoys provide information about current wave heights, wave periods, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, water temperature, atmospheric pressure, pressure tendency, and dew points.

PredictWind by PredictWind Limited (free)
The PredictWind Android App provides the most accurate wind forecasts available. Check the hourly wind forecasts and live readings for over 20,000 locations, set up forecast alerts and be notified when your location is going to be windy, or even track your boat and share with friends on your next trip. Do all of this and more with PredictWind on Android.

RadarScope By Base Velocity, LLC ($9.99)
RadarScope is a specialized display utility for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists that allows you view NEXRAD Level 3 radar data along with our most requested new feature, Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, and Flash Flood Warnings issued by the National Weather Service. It can display the latest reflectivity, velocity, and other products from any NEXRAD radar site in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Sunrise Sunset By Kekoa Vincent ($0.99)
Sunrise Sunset is a simple, easy-to-use application that displays important solar times such as: Sunrise, Sunset, Civil twilight begin (Dawn), Sun Transit (Solar Noon), Civil twilight end (Dusk).

TideApp by Atlantis Technology (free)
Brings tidal charts and data right to your Android Mobile Phone. The application displays a list of the current tide conditions, along with daily highs and lows with their accompanying times. In addition, you may view the very same tide information in the future, perfect for trip planning.

Tidecast by Ceres Logic ($0.99)
Stay current with U.S. coastal tide predictions. This app gets the latest tide predictions from NOAA. Tidecast also displays sunrise, sunset, and moon phase, and covers over 2,900 stations. Comes with a handy homescreen widget.

Tide Chart by hanitaro (free)
Tide Chart FREE is an application to display tidal information. I made for fun fishing.

Tide Prediction by
Enables easy offline viewing of graphical tidal charts on your android phone. Tide Prediction works completely OFFLINE (except Google Maps integration) - meaning no costs for data traffic - and is ultra-fast. The graphical tide chart also nicely indicates the daylight distribution. An event view shows the times for ebb and flood.

Tides & Currents by FlyToMap (free)
The best Tides and Currents (Tidal currents) application on the market! Completely free! With more than 14000 stations covering all the world.

WeatherBug by Earth Networks (free)
Access the largest network of professional weather stations in North America and thousands of locations around the world! WeatherBug brings the most accurate, reliable and timely weather information directly to your phone. Complete with Doppler radar, severe weather alerts, maps, forecasts and much more, WeatherBug is the most comprehensive weather app available.

The Weather Channel (free)
Animated radar & more! Download the power of The Weather Channel to your phone. The Weather Channel's staff of 200+ meteorologists, along with our patented ultra-local TruPoint(sm) technology, allow us to provide you with the weather tools you need to plan your day, week, or even the next hour.

Windguru by StudioEleven (free)
Worldwide advanced local weather forecast from Worldwide advanced local weather forecast from

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Utilities top

Anchor alarm by x-droid (free)
Anchor alarm with resetable anchorage and editable drift. Works in background.

Anchor Alert by SlimJiM Software ($16.99)
The world's most advanced smart-phone based anchor alarm! Anchor Alert is an advanced anchor alarm, it allows you to set your boat's anchor location and alerts you if you drift too far.

Anchor Watch / Alarm by Jokaboat (free)
This App will allow you to fix your boats location and to set a maximum scope that you want the boat to drift before triggering an alarm.

Blueflow Sail by Blueflow Technologies AB ($6.24)
Together with your Speed Over Ground (SOG), your Course Over Ground (COG) and the next waypoint location, Blueflow Sail can calculate your Velocity Made Good (VMG). With this information you can optimize your angle to the wind in order to get as high speed towards the destination as possible.

BoatUS (free)
BoatUS offers an easy GPS locating service app for your boating tool bag. Text or Email your boat’s location to other boaters, Share your raft up anchorage or favorite fishing hole, Show your boat’s near shore location on a map, Displays your Latitude & Longitude (even out of cell range), Call for a tow and BoatUS will know where you are, Access 25 BoatUS Services.

GeeMeter ($1.25)
How hard did you hit on that last wave? This tells you the G force of the impact on a classy-looking meter.

Morse Code Transmitter (free)
Transmit your messages with morse code! Send your message using the flashlight (torch), sound (beep) or both simultaneously!

SailDroid by tinygarage (free)
The Sailing for sailors, yachts and boats, containing a set of nautical applications: Compass, Speedometer in knots, Position, Distance measurement/Log in Nautical miles and meters. Also useful for anchoring.

Search and Rescue by SAR APP ($4.12)
This SAR APP should not be used as the sole or primary means of notifying a SAR Authority of a DISTRESS or EMERGENCY situation. Your first means of notifying a SAR Authority of an emergency should be via a phone call to the said Authority or by use of an approved and registered Satellite Emergency Notification Device, commonly known as a 406 MHz beacon, an EPIRB, an ELT or a PLB.

Wind Meter anemometer by druidlab (3.99)
Wind Meter is sound based anemometer to estimate wind speed. It works by analyzing the sound of wind passing the device microphone. Wind Meter includes compass integration, so you can easily find wind direction too. Wind Meter supports multiple units of measure including MPH, Knots, Km/h, m/s and dynamic Beaufort scale.

Wind Speed by Logic Net S.C. (free)
Wind Speed - your personal anemometer in many scales. Wind speed converter is a simple tool to convert between many various wind speed measurement scales. It may find specific use for all Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, Sailors and other fans of wind related activities. iOS and Android version will aslo show you your current wind speed based on your GPS location.

XClinometer (free)
The most accurate level for mobile devices! What's the angle of the dangle? Are you listing to port? What's your bow rise? This tells all.

Reference top

Boating / Sailing Reference by HydrogenSC ($1.59)
Handy boating / sailing reference, night lights, shapes, sounds, buoys and flags. This handy boating / sailing reference application has all the essental nautical information. Including night lights, day shapes, sounds, buoys and flags. Including a description of each of the features it shows.

Knot Guide by Winkpass Creations, Inc. ($1.99)
Knot Guide NOW includes over 90+ knots from 14 categories. Find knots for: Climbing, sailing, fishing, outdoors, camping, DIY!

Knots Guide by SusaSoftX (free)
Knots Guide is a SIMPLE quick reference collection of different knots. 92 knots, 10 categories: Bend, Binding, Climbing, Decorative, Fishing, Hitch, Looping, Running, Stopper, Whipping.

Maritime Workers Tool Box by Big Momma Apps (free)
The Maritime Toolbox was developed to provide employees in the maritime industry with all the information they need for their jobs in one convenient location. It was inspired and developed by maritime lawyer Brian Beckcom ( in conjunction with a professional boat captain and former offshore platform worker specifically for employees in the maritime industry.

The Racing Rules of Sailing ($4.99)
The United States Sailing Association (US SAILING) is proud to present the official iPhone application for The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 Including the US SAILING Prescriptions. The Racing Rules of Sailing app is for you if you are an avid sailor looking for instant access to the official rules and signals. With this application you will be prepared to answer any rules or signal questions that arise.

SAS Survival Guide by ($5.99)
The definitive guide to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea. For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guide has been the definitive guide to surviving any situation, anywhere in the world.

Sailing Dictionary by Deep Powder Software ($1.50)
This is a dictionary of all things having to do with Sailing. We have included abbreviations, lingo, acronyms, definitions, and many more terms. This is a great application to gain insight and knowledge, and to have at your disposal.

Log top

Marine Boat Log by Jokaboat ($2.44)
Store all of the key information about your boat(s) including registration numbers, call sign, make, model etc. Store information about any auxiliary equipment that you may have fitted, radios, radar etc with serial numbers etc. Log running costs such as fuel, marina fees, licence fees, servicing etc.

Sailors Log by ovaielo (free)
Sailors Log is intended to be used as a tool to collect information relevant for yacht sailing performance. For example, the application can record values such as speed, position, trim, healing and compass direction.

Social top

Trip Logger (free)
Trip Logger is a social travel mapping application designed to help you organize and store memories of your travels and details about them. Trip Logger helps you save the tales of where you had been, what you'd seen, and what you have experienced all in one place. Trip Logger combines photos and notes of the travelers, and displays all this information on a map at the exact location where it all took place.

Fishing top

Fishing Calendar by Mobile Software ($4.99)
Plan your fishing trips based upon information on the sun and moon. Fishing Calendar instantly displays best fishing times for your current location. Quickly choose days and times with the greatest probability of successful fishing. Fishing Calendar stores your catches with photo, size, weight, location... for later analyze or just to tease your friends.

Fishing Status by Hatteras Tech (free)
Get the latest fishing reports, tides charts, hotspots, weather reports (including marine forecast and buoy data), current moon phase, and more from our Fishing application for the Android.

My Fishing Advisor by (free)
My Fishing Advisor is a tool for freshwater fishing. It analyzes the weather, sun and moon position, moon phase, and many other factors to determine where fish will be located, how active they will be, and what lures, baits and presentations will be most effective.

Time2Fish Lite by Bad Daddy (free)
Time2Fish is the premier Android app for getting the daily fishing forecast. Takes complex solar/lunar data & calculates the best times to go fishing. Shows daily/hourly fishing forecast, sunrise/sunset & moon phase. Great for freshwater & saltwater fishing!

Miscellaneous top

Boatie ($6.19)
Boatie is a handy source of information for all who enjoy recreational boating in UK coastal waters - whether sailing or motoring, yacht or dinghy. Navigation, tides, weather & reference in this popular app now also on Android. This best selling app for sailors and others finally makes it from the iPhone to Android!

Google Translate by Google Inc. (free)
Translate text between more than 60 languages. Translate words and phrases between more than 60 languages using Google Translate for Android. For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations.

Trapster (free)
Alerts you to speed traps and red light cameras on the way to the ramp.

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