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Testimonials for Peek-a-Booo Shutters
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Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Alberg 37 1984
"Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! We love our peek-a-boo blinds and will certainly recommend them to other boaters!"

Cindy Milroy  •  Oshawa, ON Canada

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Beneteau 411 2000
"We replaced the curtains with 18 Peek a Booos. We just love them."

James & Linda Oyler  •  FL

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
C&C #99 2003
"The installation proved to be easy. This product solved a difficult privacy problem. The shutters compliment both the interior and exterior of the boat."

R.D. Kovba  •  NJ

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
C&C 34 1992
"I'm so happy to find the answer to my quest for blocking out the early morning light, but yet it's clean and does not collect dust."

Ed & Nancy Stokes  •  NJ

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catalina 30 1988
"Last year I purchased a set of Peek a Booos for my C30 and find them to be terrific. I was wondering, can you make blinds for arched or quarter circle windows for my mothers house. THE ANSWER IS YES. (JCH)"

Doug Weldon  •  NY

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catalina 30 1984
"We just love them!"

Debra Komondy  •  MI

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catalina 30
"Here is an order for shutters to cover the rest of our portlights. We are very pleased how they look, both inside and out. Thanks again."

Larry Snyder  •  OR

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catalina 30 1989
"Do you have shutters for the V-birth hatch? We already have them on all the rest of our portlights. They are incredible!!!"

Tom Wingo  •  LA

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catalina 320
"We are very happy with our Zarcor products and plan to add more throughout the year."

Katrina Drahos  •  Dallas, TX

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catalina 42 1996
"Here is an order for 3 more Peeks. I already have 4 installed and just love them. I've sent several other sailors to you!"

Laurie Ailworth  •  CA

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catamaran Gemini 105 2000
"Cathie & I couldn't be happier. The Peek a Booos improved the interior tremendously, Thanks again!"

Wayne Habermehl  •  PA

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Catamaran Victory 35 2001
"We love the shutters. I'm sure we've helped sell some. You can refer us to any one at any time."

Alan Sommer  •  FL

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
F&C Ketch 44 1980
"I just want to thank you for the port and hatch shutters. They fit like a glove. I had very difficult ports and hatches for you to make because they were all made in BS, Argentina & individually custom made from 1980 & without any templates on file for you to refer back to. They were so easy to install. You have such a great product. Everything is perfect. You did a great job. I live on a canal in Freeport, NY. I showed my neighbors the shutter. They rarely get to the boat show to see the new stuff. They were very impressed so I passed your information onto them."

Shirley Bucci s/v Onyx  •  Freeport, NY

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Hunter 27
"We just installed the peek a booo blinds you made for our Hunter 27 Sailboat, they make the windows look so nice and the privacy is great. When they are open it looks just like we have window treatments. We are very pleased. Thanks so much for the good job."

Bob & Mary Fournier

Peek-a-Booo Shutters
Hunter 410 2002
"Our boat is a show piece here at Light House Landing. The Peek a Booos compliment the interior, which includes a plasma TV and Thomas Kinkade paintings."

Tom & Deb Baas  •  KY

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