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Liner Options Guide for
OceanAir Surface SKYscreens

Zarcor has a competitive advantage because we know your boat, and we have every possible treatment (Peek a Booo or OceanAir shutters) for portlights and hatches available on the market. This allows us to provide many exclusive solutions.

Most SFSS installations will involve one of the following 2 procedures. This decision will be made after you remove the hatch trim panel from the coach roof. This trim panel normally incorporates the screen attachment latches. At this point, you will decide if you will need to purchase a liner, or a foam filler to complete your SFSS installation.

A PVC Liner is necessary if:
hatch liner removed OceanAir surface skyscreen liner

If after removing the existing liner, the structural elements between the coach-roof and deck are exposed (see left), a liner will be required. The OceanAir liner (see right) attaches to the Surface SkyScreen and protrudes into the lower groove of your hatch. See price list for cost of SFSS and liners.

A Foam Filler is necessary if: Zarcor Exclusive
Hunter hatch liner protrusion OceanAir Surface Skyscreen

If you have a hatch liner protrusion which is difficult to remove, a foam filler is required. On the left is the protrusion found on a Hunter 36, 2008, after the trim panel was removed. The installation (right) of a SFSS-60 was easy, using a ½" foam filler.

Tayana hatch liner OceanAir Skyscreen on Tayana using foam filler

On this beautiful Tayana 54, 2008, the hatch teak lining was aesthetically beautiful and was not to be altered. A ½" foam filler between the coach-roof and the SFSS, was the perfect solution (see right). See price list for the cost of SFSS foam fillers

Liner or Foam Filler is NOT necessary if:

After removing the trim panel from the coach-roof, if the bulkhead is enclosed, or not exposed, and the SFSS fits neatly to the coach-roof, then no liner or filler is needed.

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