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SternPerch® Sailboat Seats
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New boats have them, you can too
SternPerch seats on Catalina 30 1990
Catalina 30 1990
(with optional cushions & pads, $506.00)
The SternPerch sailboat seat is custom designed for each model boat. It simply mounts to the stern rail without altering the rail itself, and without the use of tools. Drink holders (holds insulated) are standard.

The SternPerch is constructed of only the finest marine grade polymers on the market today and the unit is completely UV inhibited and weather resistant.

Click here for a list of boats with pictures for which SternPerch seats are available.

Pads & Rail Cushions
Pads to sit on and rail cushions to lean against. 80% of customers order rail cushions, 50% order pads.

For boats that have only one rail, we offer a Rail Kit.

Seats are available in White or Sanshade (beige) to better match your boat.

Pricing for items in picture to left:
$506.00 includes (pair) of seats, seat pads & rail cushions.
Retail price seats only $295.00
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Benefits of SternPerch Sailboat Seats

  • Allows your first mate to accompany you at the wheel.
  • All seats come with integrated drink holders.
  • Enhanced view from cockpit.
  • Easily removed for racing.
  • Every ones favorite seat.
  • Additional cockpit seating for 2 extra people.
Boats & Ladies
She has nice shape.  More...
Stern rail seats on Catalina 30 1980


"Last year you fabricated seats for my husband’s 27’ Columbia sailboat. We’ve enjoyed the seats and have heard many comments about them."
Mrs. Steve Glass of Richmond, VA | read more

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They are amazing!
David Bickert of Rye, NH | 1988 Freedom 28 | July 2013
They look fantastic, have quickly become the most popular seating area on my boat, the quality is great, the fit was perfect and it took all of about 10 minutes to install them. Another BIG advantage is that my cockpit is a bit on the small size and becomes somewhat crowded with 4 people. This extra seating capacity has changed everything! I also suspect when selling my boat, being able to advertise stern perch seats will certainly be a plus to the buyers. Thank you all for a terrific product!
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Zarcor & Sternperch Seat Pads - Great
James Worsham of Irving, TX | January 2011
I have a preowned boat that already had the sternperches added but the pads had worn out from use/sun. Contacted Zarcor about replacement pads and they knew that my boat had about 7 different potential sternperch shapes that could have been used. No problem, they simply mailed me paper patterns of all the various shapes they could be and I matched one up to the what was on my boat. With that info they were ready for production. Zarcor does use an outside vendor for the pads and so were at the mercy of that vendors schedule. They knew this too though and so forewarned me of a potential wait which was acceptable to me. Got em now and they fit perfect, look great, and are much easier on my boney tail than without the pads. Have plans to add the rail cushions too but again they knew color matching would be a concern and so I will be coordinating that with them to get it right. They always seem to be one step ahead of what can go wrong and thereby circumvent the problems.
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Stern Perches
Jim Ford of Frisco, TX | January 2011
These seats were one of the first things I added to my Hunter 33' when I purchased it over 14 years ago! As I think about it, I have enjoyed these seats amensly! They have given me a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction, probably more than any other one single thing I have added to my boat. They are an amazing product, so durable, they literally look as good as the day I put them on. Exceptional product, great people, and a company that stands behind what they sell..... What more can you ask for?
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It's hard to say just which update I liked best!
Dave Barker of Wichita, KS | January 2011
I can't say enough good things about the products from Zarcor! I have both the Stern Perch seats and the Companionway doors. I own a 1978 Catalina 30 and have completely renovated her with a full leather interior, updated counter tops, refinished teak, and a complete canvas package including a dodger. The boat looks awesome and the added security I get from the companionway doors makes me feel more secure when I leave the boat after a weekend sail. The doors also seem to keep out more hot air than the original boards so my air conditioning does a better job too! I also love to sit on the Stern Perch seats and steer the boat with my toes! People get a laugh when they see me kicked back but, it just feels right. Zarcor's products are of the highest quality and the company offers excellent customer service!
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very satisfied
Thurston Cooper of manchester, NJ | January 2011
best item i every bought for my 28 ft o'day.
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