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Drink and Electronics Holders
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Holders for electronic devices & other items
Small cell phone holder
Product: Small / Flip cell phone holder.
2.2" x 6" x 2.75"(H)
Model #: T09s
Price: $19.00 each
Product: Cell phone & small accessory holder.
2.3" x 1.7" x 3.8"(H)
Model #: T09
Price: $24.00 each
T09m Cell phone holder for Blackberry, iPhone
Product: Cell phone holder for Blackberry, iPhone.
2.65" x 0.65" x 3.5"(H)
Model #: T09M
Price: $24.00 each
T07 VHF holder
Product: VHF Holder. Oval, widest clearance = 3.15" x 1.8" x 4.5"(H)
Model #: T07
Price: $26.00 each
Small Instrument Pad
Product: Instrument Pad.
Model #: T06
Price: $25.00 each
Large Instrument Pad
Product: Large Instrument Pad
(3x6 inches).
Model #: T06L
Price: $31.00 each
Garmin GPS holder
Front view
Product: Garmin GPS holder.
Model #: M020
Price: $35.00 each
Clips for attaching accessories to stanchion.
Product: Clips for attaching accessories to stanchion. Sold in pairs.
Model #: SN25
Price: $5.00 pair
Mini binnacle organizer.
Product: Mini binnacle organizer.
Model #: M027m
Price: $59.00 each
binnocular or double drink holder.
Product: Holds binnoculars or drinks.
Model #: T02
Price: $35.00 each
Winch handle holder
Product: Winch handle holder.
Model #: T08
Price: $29.00 each
Electronics platform spanning binnacle
Product: Electronics platform spanning binnacle.
Model #: M029
Price: $39.00 Ridged
$49.00 Adjustable
Drink & accessory holder for Binnacle.
Product: Microphone Holder.
Model #: MH01
Price: $15.00 each
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