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About John C. Halter and his company Zarcor

John C. Halter

John Halter was born in 1943. He grew up with his 11 brothers and sisters in Harbor Springs Michigan, and has 2 sons who both live in California.

Besides living in Harbor Springs Michigan, John lived 7 years in Detroit, 10 years in Chicago, and the last 39 years in Dallas.

John has owned 9 different boats, from a Sunfish to a J29. He learned how to race on the J29, and once competed in races 50 times in a 12 month period. He now occasionally competes in a Texoma Sailing Club race.

Louise Martin

John's present boat, (which he has owned for 36 years), is a Hunter 33, and he enjoys sailing it with his first mate Louise.

Thanks to his many great friends and customers, he has sailed much of the adjoining US and Caribbean waters. His favorite sailing area, however is the Great Lakes.

Besides sailing and working (creating) which he loves, he is an avid tennis player, and plays 2-3 times / week.

Creative / Professional Endeavors

John was released from a corporate job when he was 29 years old. He vowed it would never happen again, so he started his own company(s). One of John's companies sold computer accessories which he had invented. At one time his products were in every major computer store in the U.S. The computer industry was brutal. He made a lot of money but in the end lost even more.

Because John can invent on demand, he created products for the market he truly loves. Working around boats, being on the water, nurturing new products, and most important, communicating with his sailboat customers, makes every day a holiday for John.

Recent innovations: some marine related, others not

Airplane Footrest

A portable carry on footrest which offers First Class comfort for economy class passengers. It was invented as a solution for John Halter’s circulation problems. Watch Video of this hot seller which is receiving 5 STAR reviews on Amazon.

Sternperch Seats

One of John Halter's first products, with over 6000 happy customers.

CloZures shutters

Formerly known as Peek a Booo shutters. This patented shutter is the boaters choice for curtain replacements.

CloZures shutters (non-marine)

WATCH VIDEO - Unique CloZures solutions for Autos, Office doors, round windows, solar tubes, garage doors, and others.

Universal Drink Holder

Popular product - holds stemware, coffee cups, all beverages (large & small), it is gimbaled and fits all rails from ¾" to 1¼".

Pro Riggers Gauge

Every boater needs this gauge which measures everything round including fasteners, wire, tubes, and lines.

Cell Phone & Tablet Holders

Holders for all electronic devices.


If you cannot see the water in your flooded cell battery, you need this.

Galley Accessories

Sink & stovetop covers result in an additional 50% counter space.

Companionway Doors

A HOT, HOT PRODUCT. Winner of the 2007 Pittman innovation award. This replacement for the traditional hatch boards is bringing sailors into the 21st century.


Multi purpose micro torch - solder, slice & dress lines, lighter.